The Start-up Competition

In 2019, Enactus Morocco partnered with Entrepreneurship Academy and The Green Academy to launch a start-up Competition open to Enactus projects operating in and using green technology, in Egypt, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine.

The competition took place in two rounds:
National round: Where Enactus national teams were invited to participate and take part of the competition. In this round, 3 projects were selected as winner and were rewarded a total of 6 000 €

International competition: National winners from the five participating countries will take part of an international competition in Germany. In this final round, TOP 3 projects will be granted a total reward of 30 000 €.

Selection criteria

The competition was open to Enactus projects from the five participating countries. Each project had to:

  •      Operate and boost sustainable, technology driven farming practices AND/OR green industrial production.
  •      Fulfil the Enactus criterion
  •      Define an innovative business idea based on a solid business need/“people in need“-analysis;
  •      Can demonstrate their scaling or start-up potential via a 3-year-plan.

The winners were selected based on the following criteria:

  •      Is the project able to solve the problem in the selective target group?
  •      Degree of innovation of the idea;
  •      Disruptive potential in the market;
  •      Long-term sustainability (triple bottom line) of the concept;
  •      Scalability and extensibility of idea;
  •      Start-up potential.
Participation process

Participating teams had to fill in an online application form in English, describing:

  •      Problem/need-analysis
  •      Project scope and idea
  •      Project description
  •      Project status: results so far (proof-of-concept)
  •      Three-year business/scaling plan incl. investments, revenues, profit and impact for people in need.

It was mandatory that each team submits one projects only.


The Start-up competition in Morocco prizes:

  •      1st place  €3,000
  •      2nd place €2,000
  •      3rd place €1,000

The Start-up competition final round in Germany prizes:

  •      1st place €15,000
  •      2nd place €10,000
  •      3rd place €5,000