National competition 2013

Heads high and Hopes higher, this is how our 26 competing teams headed to Sheraton Hotel July the first to compete “together “ and not against each other, to win the title of national champion. This year’s national competition came as an opportunity to celebrate enactus first decade in Morocco: 10 years of social change, hundreds of sustainable projects, 8000 alumnis and over 50 000 beneficiaries.

Believing in the power of entrepreneurial action, enactors, judges, partners, sponsors and hundreds and hundreds of enactus supporters and followers came to witness success. Everyone saw that lust for social change in our competing team’s members; everyone felt enactus Spirit in Sheraton Hotel in those two days. Different projects, different concepts but the purpose is one: enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. This is how our 26 teams competed for the title of the national champion.

Monday Afternoon was a pure moment of exchange: After enactus Morocco chairman speech, in which he confirmed that those ten years of social change are nothing but a proof that Morocco is a true field of fully committed young entrepreneurs; Time came for a panel under the theme: “Top to Future Top” in which Most of the speakers were Enactus Alumni and students. The panel was a pure moment of exchange between enactors, enactus morocco partners and the public; indeed, enactors explained how they are enabling social change with sustainable projects they conduct; also, alumni highlighted the fact that their passage in enactus made them see things differently and helped them initiate more impacting social businesses. They made it clear: enactus is a social business school in which they learned how to run businesses that can socially change people’s lives.

“We..all..win….We..all..win” this is how our 26 competing teams and audience kept repeating few minutes before the results announcement, truly believing that when we compete to improve lives we all win. But still, it is a competition and only one team could make it: Out of 26 winning teams, Enactus EMI (Mohammadia School of engineers) made it and will represent morocco in the World Cup.

“Creativity”, “Deep impact” and “Positive Change” Those are the words that one could think of once we speak about enactus EMI’s projects. Starting with recycling used plastic into decorative objects and other accessories (Bags, Purses, etc); “Micaction” is a project that changes 15 people’s lives and equilibrates the environmental balance. “Ibdaa”, is another word to creativity, indeed, no one would’ve believed that rings, earrings, necklaces and other accessories could be the output of recycled glass. Solar Cooker is nothing but a bright way to use solar energy to cook in rural Moroccan areas that lack energy (Mostly Gaz and Electricity). Finaly, there is “Verordi” a project in which a group of people run a business out of recycling informatics materials.

Great appreciation goes to this year’s sponsors: CDG, KOSMOS Energy, Richbond, BMCE Bank, Cosumar, La Marocaine Vie, AUDA, Electro Protect, DOLIDOL, AISSE, Mazars, Losange Bleu, Upward, and our every year national champion sponsors to the world Cup OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates).

National Champions around the world, wait for the Moroccan wave of social change with enactus EMI