How to enhance motivation and positive energy within your team?

You’re a leader? You want your team members to come happily to your meetings, to do their tasks enthusiastically, and to come up with great ideas? Internal regulations, warnings or orders have never been the key to an effective team work.

Here are 7 tips for leaders on how to build a highly motivated team:

  • Make sure you know every member in your team very well: their names, their weaknesses, their needs and their strengths. In other words go for a H2H relationship, this will help you to earn their trust first so that they will trust you in return. That is to say mutual trust is mandatory.
  • Focus on clarifying the mission and the vision, your team members need to know why they’re there
  • Give responsibility to every single member, no matter how small the task you give them is, it will surely make them feel useful to the workflow and give them self-confidence
  • Share everything: information, contacts, barriers, good news… YES you are the leader but NO you do not have the right to appropriate information. The whole team must be aware of what is going on, so that the word “BELONGING” start having a real meaning 😉 .
  • Try to create a positive challenging atmosphere. A good achievement has to be rewarded just like disengagement has to be castigated. Go for some titles like: Thee best team member of the week, of the month…
  • Meet with your negative members one-to-one and try to figure out what’s going wrong with them and make them understand how they negatively affect the workflow.
  • Be emotionally intelligent and spread positive behavior only among your team. Start by working on yourself because positive teams are led by positive leaders J .

Remember, before starting to think about ideas and about achievements, make sure your team is not struggling with morale.

By: Kawtar El Madrouchi
Enactus ENCG El Jadida Team Leader